Why Jee Main Is One Of The Toughest Exams Today


JEE Main is one of the most difficult and prominent exams for those who want to get admission in the top engineering colleges in India. More than 13 lakhs students appeared for JEE main this year. As the number of students appears for the exam has been increasing apparently, the completion and difficulty level has also increased. Have you ever thought why a large number of students are appearing for the exam? There are more than sufficient engineering colleges available in India. Hence, a significant number of engineering graduates are struggling a lot to get a job.


Lack of placement facilities in below average colleges result in unemployment. With the cut-throat competition, it is extremely difficult to attend a walk in interview and get the job. This is why students always prefer colleges with campus placement facility. If you complete the graduation in any of the top colleges, you will be more likely to get a job through campus placements. This is the reason why students want to get admission in top universities of the country.

More students appear for the exam means it is more likely that JEE system will increase the difficulty level. Therefore, JEE main is one of the toughest exams today. If you are preparing for the exam, you should know the trick and tips to crack it. Kindly have a look at few tips that are listed below.

Tips and tricks to crack the exam

  • Read concepts

It is extremely hard to study all the topics at the last moment. Hence, you should study regularly to avoid the last minutes rush. Make short notes for reading the formulas and study accordingly. Make sure you have included all the important concepts, definitions, a formula in your short notes. Once you have studied all the significant questions, just move on to the formula, equations, definitions, and similar endeavors.

  • Practice mock test

Apart from the subject books, study the previous year question papers.If you practice the question papers, you will know how to face the exam pressure. There are a large number of JEE mains and advanced question papers to choose from. If you are looking for the advanced question paper, you can browse the web. Simply choose the recent question paper and start preparing it right now. Take more online tests and mock tests. If you practice more mock test, you can complete your JEE main exam within the time limit.Practice more equations, problems, and formula

  • Solve question papers

You should strongly believe the adage “practice makes perfect”. More the practice, more the score will be. Even if you have studied all the important concepts, you should know how to manage your time as well. Solve the previous question paper frequently, which would help you to manage the time. Moreover, you can get a deep idea of the question weight age, exam pattern, difficulty level, etc. If you want to work out the recent paper, then solve the sample paper for JEE mains 2016.

All the best, Prepare well for the exam. Hope you crack the exam.