What are the various types of pregnancy tests?

How often the question is posed whether a woman is pregnant or not. There are some early signs of pregnancy, and hereby we will have a glance at the different types of pregnancy tests. This could be performed in the comfort of your home or the clinic of your doctor. Let us understand the various types of pregnancy tests at home or at the chamber of a doctor.

Clinical urine test

This is a form of test that is normally performed in the chamber of a doctor. The test which is being conducted here is not viable in case of commercial pharmacies, but it is too based on the same principle of HCG detection along with the lines of HPT that is too accurate as well. The main point of difference is that with the help of a professional you will be able to prevent any form of errors that normally tends to occur. Just take note of the fact that a test of this type is going to cost a bit more than an HPT.

Pregnancy tests were done at home

These are available in standard or digital stick forms. In case of digital ones you can use it till 6 days before the date of your missed period, and in case of standard stick it needs to be used before 4 days. But bear in mind that if the test is conducted early then the chances of a negative result is all the more.

This test should be undertaken the first thing in the morning as the hormone or urine are at an optimum level. But this in no way means that the results of the test will be accurate. If the result of the test is negative try testing again after a few days. If there is a faint line, the chances are that you are pregnant.

All pregnancy test work on the major principle of HCG detection and this tends to be released by the placenta. The levels of this hormone are known to intensify after 2 days and one thing that you would need to be aware is that all pregnancy tests tend to last somewhere between 2 to 3 years after their production of it. Considering the importance of what you are trying to accomplish, resorting to the use of an unexpired kit is not at all a worthy idea.

Blood test

This is normally undertaken at the chamber of a doctor. The blood of a woman is tested to figure out whether there is the presence of HCG. The blood tests can detect it much earlier than a urine test, though it may be a bit expensive and the results also take a wee bit longer as well.

There are two major types of blood tests, the quantitative along with the qualitative ones.


To conclude the total cost of a blood test is dependent on the type of pregnancy test that you plan to undertake along with the insurance cover that you have in place.