Tips to Make Your PDFs SEO Friendly


PDFs documents are always under the vigilance of Google and so the large and rich content of these files should be made perfect for SEO campaigns. However, optimizing the PDFs for SEO has been an untouched prospect.

There are some different set of rules for optimizing the PDFs. The best SEO services in Gurgaon can help you in doing so, who follow the similar framework as used for other files but with a slightly different yet crucial method.


The below-given tips will help you in getting the SEO traffic from the PDF files:

  • Choose a proper file name:

This is the first and the most important step in the process of converting any text document into the PDF format.When you want to save the file, there are always auto-suggestions, which when accepted by you, to save time can have zero or negative impact on the SEO impact of the PDF. This also impacts the essential factors like the page URL.

When the PDF file comes to you as an SEO, always try to rename the file after doing some analysis of the keywords and the competitors. Try to name it in a phrase which goes hand in hand with the demand of the users. Also, ensure that the first letter of each word is capitalized and is also separated using hyphens.

  • The document should be linked internally:

It is not easy and rather difficult to link the PDF to the internal linking structure of the website. Although they are of good assets, they are not called upon as often as a product page. As a result, they get lost in the site’s hierarchy as some bereaved page.

The solution is to send contextual internal links to the pdf, which will make Google realise that you want to give that piece of information some recognition and want them to index and also rank.

  • Always link only to the relevant content:

Always link to the content that is residential to your own website. However, in due to the interest of the users, there can be a link to an authoritative third party site.

Whenever you link back to your own web properties from a PDF, there is a likelihood of the Search Engine considering the content important and vital part of your site. And also there is a complete chance of gaining rankings for important pages of your website apart from the PDF files.

  • The title should be unique:

This is such important and crucial point which is forgotten mainly when it comes to the PDFs. The title should reflect the area of investigation. The title can be set in “document properties’ section and it is used by the search engine in the same way, as an HTML title tag.

This will be the clickable text, any user would see in the search results. However, take proper care in choosing the terms, for which you would like to get ranked for.

  • Make them mobile-ready:

This is an important pre-requisite for the success in any area of digital marketing these days. So it should be of no surprise that it has to be applied to the SEO for PDFs also.

The lengthy content of the PDFs doesn’t make them reduce to the bite-sized format which is used in the mobile.

Simple, yet actionable changes can be done to counteract this problem. Alignment of the matter to the left makes it easily readable without having to scroll horizontally.

Also, the use of bullets and bold text can play a good role in making the content more appealing and digestive for the time-sensitive readers.

There is a continuous effort made in improvising the PDF for getting good traffic and each company who wants to compete or want to maintain its ranking in the search engine will have to work towards it.