Some important information about surgery for Mitral valve repair

Some important information about surgery for Mitral valve repair

The human body is made of various organs and in case of failure of any organ perform its function accurately the whole mechanism of the body gets disturbed. There are several causes that can drive one get trouble in any organ. One can take the example of Mitral Valve which is a much important organ of the body,and in case of any trouble to it, the breathing problem starts which can lead to many other diseases as well.

As it happens that your mitral valve has got acutely diseased, it can cause heart failure and related signs like exhaustion, heart enlargement, and also shortness of breath. The most widespread type of disease tends to be a sort of leaky mitral valve which is referred to as mitral regurgitation as well as a tight orrigid mitral valve commonly called as mitral stenosis. Repair carried out on the mitral valve is usually meant for the mitral valve regurgitation. During mending of the mitral valve by means of surgery, two key approaches are adopted. The first can be said to be the replacement of the mitral valve in operation for mitral valve replacement such as utilizing some kind of metal or it can be some tissue valve.

The other one is performing repair on the mitral valve in operation meant for mitral valve repair. It is essential to note that frequently the valves that are able to be mended are usually replaced; this is done in the face of a large number of benefits concerning mitral valve mending or repairing has got over replacement. The reason to be counted for it is that a lot of surgeons are not well experienced with the art of repair done on the mitral valve.

Things to be done as this surgery is performed

In the surgery meant for mitral valve repair, patients get shifted to the operation theatre and are administered anesthesia in the similar manner as is done in any type of open heart surgery. It necessarily depends upon the approach undertaken to utilize right incisions for the procedure. It may range right from the complete sternotomy in which the patient’s chest must be cut – opened downwards to his middle, or they can use any small incision that is known as the mini-incision. One more procedure is robotic mitral valve type of surgery.  In the surgery meant for robotic mitral valve procedure, a large type of incisions is not needed. It is also safe to undergo mitral valve repair in India because here surgeons are well familiar with this method.

The patient is afterward put on the device called heart-lung machine. It can be said to be very crucial because it undertakes the function of oxygenating the patient’s blood and supplying it towards other parts of your body. Then the valve is amended by utilizing a lot of techniques. It is considered to be an art form to repair the mitral valve and experience can be said to be of prime significance.