Somatrem is methionyl-growth hormone, details


Somatrem is the synthetic manufactured form of the hGH, human growth hormone. It is mainly the variant of the endogenous HGH and Protein consisting of similar sequence of the amino acids 191, but largely with addition of the extra amino acid methionine. For such reasons it is said that the Somatrem is methionyl-growth hormone. Being the hGh Medication, it also supports growth of the skeletal muscle, bones, connective tissues as well as the internal organs. It also plays major role in the mineral metabolism, lipid, carbohydrate, protein. In the medical setting, it used for treating the children with the growth failure that gets caused due to the endogenous growth deficiency of hormone.

Somatrem, is considered same as the human growth hormones

As it is said that Somatrem is methionyl-growth hormone but when it gets administered as the long term treatment before the linear growth, it gets stopped due to the closed epiphyses, as drugs might imparts the positive effect on the linear growth. The Somatrem is also considered as equivalent therapeutically for growth hormone of the pituitary origin. As the hGh drug, it is completely valued by the athletes and bodybuilders for promoting the fat loss of muscles and the growth of connective tissue. The somatrem, is considered same as the human growth hormones which is not the natural protein for human body.

It might increase chances of development of antibodies for the growth hormone during the treatment. These antibodies also work by the binding with growth hormone molecules, interfering the ability of binding receptors and also the exertion of activities. In one of the clinical investigation, it was found that 2/3rd of children were treated with the antibodies for growth hormones after one major year. Somatrem is methionyl-growth hormone which is supplied in the multiple dosage and consists of the white lyophilized powder which requires the constitution with the bacteriostatic or sterile water before the use. Such dosage can also vary from the one mg to ten mg per vials.

Structural features of Somatrem

The somatrem is the polypeptide which is manufactured by the recombinant DNA technologies. It even consists of around 192 of the amino acid residue and the molecular weight of around 22,256dalton. You must not freeze it as the refrigeration is needed before or after the reconstitution. It is also given by the intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. The 1 mg of the somatrem is also equivalent to around 3IU. It is used for treating the children with the growth failure or due to the deficiency of growth hormones and this drug is even applied at the dosage of around 0.4 mg per day.

Somatrem is methionyl-growth hormone and when used for the performance or physique purposes, it gets administered at the dosage of around 1.U or 6 IU daily. It gets cycled commonly in same manner to the anabolic or androgenic steroid and with length of it intakes generally lies between the 6 or 24 weeks. Buy this product from the online market now.