Six Social Media Marketing Mishaps to Avoid

social media marketing

More than 95% of businesses online are likely to follow social media for information about businesses. Also, over 70% of adults aged between 18 and 65 are likely to use social media for their needs. Users are tapping social media for the following needs:

  • News
  • Research products
  • Read reviews posted online
  • Connect with brands and businesses for information
  • Look for special offers and coupons
  • Connect with friends
  • Network with business colleagues
  • Participate in special interest groups

This post is just for such people. It describes six social media marketing mishaps and guides on how they can be avoided.

  • Misinterpreting the intent

All the above people are online either to create a buzz about them or to transact online. The social media sites provide analytic reports on the performance of your website to your followers. Learning these demographics is important because only then will you know what to post in your account and when. One needs to create a positive buzz about their business online so that they can get followers.

  • Misreading the ROI

Merely posting an ad or posting an update does not ensure sales. Social media gives you a vehicle to quote your message to the public. Then it is for the public to respond to the message and either conduct a transaction or comment on the message. The comments and the transactions conducted by people visiting the website will be the behavior of your consumers towards your product/service.

  • Not targeting the right market

There are so many social media sites that it becomes difficult to select which vehicle to choose in order to convey your message to the public who are interested. Here the primary words are ‘public who are interested’, and this means the people who would be interested in your message, your products, and services. At times, marketers do not target the right market. Then their message goes a waste.

  • Sharing useless or inappropriate content

There is a general rule to avoid politics and religion during a dinner conversation or it will lead to pandemonium. It is best to avoid controversial topics and stick to the message related to your product/and/or service. This will ensure that your message will reach your target audience in good time and your message will not be lost in a lot of other inappropriate content.

  • Ignoring the importance of consistency

There are over 50 million business websites and about 2.56 billion social media users. This means a lot of content will stream to a lot of people. If you have dormant social media accounts, then you might as well delete them. People want you to post regularly on all your social media accounts, tit-bits about your business and how it is doing. They need you to be consistent with your communication. If you ignore this then they will start ignoring you and your products and services.

  • Misunderstanding the commitment

Social media is no longer just a platform for the kids. It has today metamorphosed into a medium on which serious news is posted. It is also a potent resource for researching products and services, sharing reviews, reading reviews and much more. Here it is necessary that you do not misunderstand the commitment.

In order to have better sales, you need to analyze the demographics of the audience on each social media site. Search out your customer on these sites and then target your message on that social media site. Choosing one site at random and shooting your message on it, is a waste of resources. By doing this, you will also avoid the social media mishaps given above. You can look for best social media management company India to help you to get better sales