Increase Organic CTRs and Stand Out in SERPs by Following These Ways

When you build your website, the very first thing that comes to your mind is its ranking. Well, it is quite obvious that the online market requires your website to rank well on search engines in order for it to be of any commercial value. But what if your website already ranks well on the search engine, and still fails to get desired results because of low organic “Click through Rates” or CTRs?

Your high rank on search engines won’t do you any good if your users do not click on your website’s link. As a result, your website will not be able to stand out. Struggling with low CTRs can be quite daunting for you as a website owner and therefore you should take some definite measures to improve these“click through rates”.

One of the best ways to improve your click-through rates is by improving the way your content displays on the search engine. You need to create content that is unique.

Here are a few amazing ways to boost CTRs for your website-

  • Create an Exciting SEO page Title – The title of the page plays a huge role as it is the very first thing that comes to the viewers’ notice when they search for something on the web. Although earlier the SEO titles used to be pretty boring because of the use of “exact keywords” in the SEO titles, the time has changed now and people use different ways to attract readers. Make your title appealing to the readers so that it grabs their attention. You can also improve your content by using sub headers, latent semantic indexing and engagement signals.
  • A proper Meta Description – An enticing and well-crafted Meta description of a post is another way to attract readers and viewers to your page. So what do actually Meta descriptions consist of? Meta descriptions are basically an extension of sorts of the page titles that allows a sneak peek into what could be there in the content. This is a miniature version of what the readers can expect to read in the main content. This has to be interesting enough to excite the reader.
  • The importance of customized URLs – Although, the importance of URLs is lesser than SEO optimization, it is still important for your site if you wish to get desired results. As they are visibly displayed in the search results, they should include the page content. According to a new survey, a page URL, that has a proper description, gets 25% more clicks than an URL which is not descriptive enough.

These are just a few ways to improve your appearance in the SERPs and see improvement as far as CTRs are concerned. However, if you are new to the online marketing world and unable to handle these things on your own, you can always take help of SEO services. The qualified and experienced SEO services Ludhiana will help you with all the things that will make your site clicked on the most number of times.