How to Maintain a Healthy Skin During Summers?

It is that point of the year when the sun is in full bloom and scorching heat and sweat become a regular companion. In tropical countries like India, protecting skin and going out at the same time under the sun is a bit difficult task.


People are prone to get sun tans and acne due to the scorching heat and the unbeatable sunrays damage the skin very badly. But, if some simple rules are followed, then one can also maintain a healthy skin in this summer as well. One can get a lot of tips of skin care in Hindi if they search on online websites as well. Here are some basic tips given, which one can follow to maintain a healthy skin during summer.

    >> In a tropical country where the heat is too much and there is a lot of sweat, one has to drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated. Try to carry a sipper or a water bottle whenever you are going out and keep drinking water at a regular interval even if you are not feeling thirsty all the time. You can also try coconut water or fresh lime water if you want. This will keep your skin hydrated.

    >> Do not go out of the house without applying sunscreen on your skin. This is a must in the summers. Apply sunscreen to all the exposed parts of your body at least 20 minutes before you go out of your house. Try to use waterproof sunscreens as they do not melt away once you start sweating outside. They can protect you for a longer time. Carry the sunscreen tube along with you if you are staying outside for a long duration.

    >> Who said lips become dry only in winter? This can happen in summer too. So, to keep your lips moisturised, use an SPF enhanced lip balm. This will keep your lips soft and supple.

    >> Use hand creams at night on a regular basis. Though the atmosphere is humid and you might think that there is no need to apply moisturisers as your skin is not feeling dry,yet this can actually harm your skin. Try to protect them as much as possible. Apply some moisturisers, which have SPF protection as it will coat your skin and save it from ultra violet rays.

    >> If you are going out in the sun, then do not forget to carry your shades. This covers your eyes. Try to wear some large shades, which can cover some part of your face apart from your eyes only. Carry an umbrella so that your other exposed skin parts remain safe from the sun. You can also wear a hat to save your face while going out.

    >> Do not eat food items which have too much of oil in it. Summer and oily food is not a very good combination.

If looking for best skin care tips in Hindi, you can check online. There are many magazines and blogs which are being published in Hindi and other local languages.