Easy Tips On Sharing Your Printer In Windows 7

Although new technology is bliss but it is equally true that if settings of your hardware are not properly done it can be a troublesome. Talking of which, even printer is one such important hardware that needs to be well connected and make sure different printer needs are fulfilled. In windows 7 home group, it becomes convenient for you to let your family members and friends share same printer and print the necessary banners, documents and logos. The best part of using the same printers is that you don’t need to be close to your printer to get the documents printed. However, many people don’t know the right way to share the printer and here are some important things that you need to know.

For printer sharing you need to enable the file:

In this step, you need to enable the file and then select the printer sharing and file sharing option. Select the start option and then in the search field search for the ‘Network and sharing center’ option. Once you type this in the Start section, you will find this option. Click on the Run as Administrator’ for further process to get initiated. In the ‘network and sharing center’, you will get the option to change the advanced sharing setting on the left side. Under this setting, increase the work profile or home profile by clicking the chevron icon. Select the ‘file and printer sharing’ and turn on the file and printer sharing and save all the possible changes,

You are free to share the printer:

Once the file and printer sharing option gets enabled, you can now start sharing the printer easily. For this, it is important that you go on the start and select the devices and printers option. Look for the printer that has been installed on windows 7 and rick click on it to select and choose the properties. Under this section, you will then have to select the sharing tab and select in the box to share the printer. You can then exit the properties and close the windows.

Printer installation:

This is the last step that you will have to do. Under this section, you need to add the printer to windows 7 and start with the printer sharing. For this, select the Devices and printer option and click on the Add printer and follow the prompts that you see on the screen. Once the installation is done successfully, you need to follow step 2 and start sharing and accessing the printer and let your family members enjoy the same.

Other than this, there are also some of the best popular third party sharing apps and USB printer sharing switch that you can use to share the printer in windows 7 without any problem. In case there is any kind of problem the expert support team can help you. Beyond that window 7 has extremely user friendly options for you to share the printer and get all the important documents printed in a right manner.