Cure Lower Back Pain Easily With These Home Remedies

This looks simple and people think it of it to be not a big issue, but in reality it makes life alibiing hell and whatever you do you won’t be able to have fun or enjoy or do anything with pure concentration anymore. If you are doing a desk job or simple household works or physical and strenuous job, you won’t be able to do anything with ease and any kind of movement will become uncomfortable for you. So, try not to wait anymore and take a recommendation from best spine doctors in India as soon as possible and try to take it seriously. Before going to

Before going to doctor and even after starting your treatment you can do some things yourself as well and simply by following these home remedies you will be able to cure yourself more than you think you can. Try them and start them from today only.

    • Lumbar spine or lower back supports the weight of whole body and it gets easily hurt and when it is hurt you are not able to do anything normally anymore. So, whenever pain in the lower back starts you should opt for massage with warm mustard oil or any other oil that you want to. Mustard oil is suggested by practitioners because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds and reduces problems like swelling and in turn reduces pain as well. Go for the ayurvedic massage process of abhyangam and try to incorporate it into your bath ritual that you perform every day.
    • Practice slow walking or if your pain is not bothering much, then go for light jogging every day. You must follow this every day but don’t do it if it is bothering your lower back pain. Also, if this doesn’t suit you, then you can also try yoga and always try to learn the yoga poses from a reputed yoga teacher because learning some positions will actually do more harm than good. It will increase your pain to a different level so always trust only a good and reputed teacher for learning yoga. Learn Pranayam yoga as these breathing exercises and techniques will surely help in maintaining the circulation in your body and will help in decreasing the pain as well.
    • Capsaicin is very good for reducing any kind of pain and foods like cayenne, chilli, Tabasco pepper, etc. contains this compound. So try to add these substances in your diet whenever you are feeling the pain.
  • Ginger Root and devil’s claw are two of the best items that you can get easily and which actually will help you in decreasing your pain a lot if you take them for few months.

These are the best home remedies that you can try and regularly be trying them will surely give you some relief from chronic lower pain. Don’t hesitate to discuss them with your doctor as well because some of these are highly recommended by doctors as well. So, try to follow them regularly. Most of them are caused by spinal problems and so it is suggested that along with home remedies you should also consult best spinal surgeon in India and get the best advice you can.