6 Benefits Of Having Seafood


This food is exquisite. And I know you can’t agree with me anymore. We all have a liking for seafood – be it fish and it’s various types, the shrimps and prawns. Who doesn’t like the crisp of the shell or the tenderness of the meat? But simply reducing them to tasty food is no justice to it. There is something more to seafood than what you think. Something beneficial and helpful. Want to know what they are? Have a look

1. Seafood Goes Well With The Heart.
This is one common belief and not just a belief actually, it is a fact. The chances of heart strokes or any other heart related issues decreases by a great deal when there is regular consumption of seafood. All you need to do is have tuna or salmon, twice a week. All done.

2. Good for your eyes.

Since childhood I’ve been listening to my mom asking me to have fish atleast once a week. And why? Because they were supposedly good for my eyes. Only these years later now, when I actually come across researches, I realize that they are really good. The effect could be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Nature’s little help.

Did you know that they are also great natural anti depressants. Well I didn’t believe it too. But the presence of the very fatty acids that I mentioned above, they have this mental healing capacity. A recent study has proved that people who consume fishes like tuna, salmon and mackerel are generally happier than people who don’t. The choice is yours now.

4. It Loves your bones.
They are a great source of vitamin D which produces Calcium that help in bone building and strength. Weren’t we taught that Calcium and Bones are best friends! Makes perfect sense to me now. Raw herring, among all other fishes have the highest amount of vitamin D.

5. The Choice

Well, it’s not that you have to make it in a single way or something like that. There are thousands of ways of preparing the hundreds of varieties of them. Mmm..I know, aren’t they just mouth watering. There are food outlets that specially serve seafood. What are you waiting for then?

6. The Diet Thing

Now you might be worried about the effect of them on your diet. There is also the fact that they have fats. But hold on! Are all fats bad? Think about it! Surely they aren’t. The omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA are all good fats and help us great deal. They reduce inflammation too thus in a way helping with the regular diet thing.

Okay. Now you have 6 good reasons to have the lip smacking, delicious and healthy seafood. And also there’s no stopping now. Have a great meal. But wait! Liked the article? Something else is there in-store for you today. Yay, offers. Yes, the Amazon deals and Amazon Cashback on Savemonk are all helping you with money. Go hurry. Grab the offers quick.

Stay Happy… :-)