5 Best Kangaroo Dog Food Brands 2018


Many of us are familiar with the use of quality dog foods made from beef, bison or even lamb. However, not many are familiar with kangaroo dog foods which are also considered very high in quality and also very healthy. There are several brands available in the market and a look at the zignature kangaroo dog food reviews reveals that many dog owners are really fond of the nutritionally-rich protein selection. Apart from the Zignature brand, there are other highly regarded kangaroo dog food brands which you can look out for in 2018. Here are the brands: –

  1. California Natural Kangaroo Dog Food

This natural grain-free kangaroo and red lentils dog food brand has limited ingredients. This brand happens to be one of the few limited ingredient recipes in the market and is formulated so as to meet unique nutritional needs in your dogs especially those with sensitivities and food allergies. Kangaroo is used as the single source of protein in the brand while other 5 ingredients are used to cater for other nutrients such as carbohydrates.

  1. Zignature Kangaroo dog food

This dry dog food brand is also grain-free and utilizes fresh, natural ingredients in line with the company’s policies. The dog food is designed to meet the dogs’ biological need nutritionally and is also suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitivities. The brand is loaded with the essential healthy nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  1. Addiction Wild Kangaroo dog food

The grain-free kangaroo dog food has also been supplemented with fresh veggies and fruits to meet the nutritional needs of your dogs. The brand is also formulated using high-quality animal proteins and wild kangaroo meat in addition to other ingredients for nutritional balance. The meat is highly digestible and hypoallergenic. Just as with the zignature kangaroo dog food reviews, we also noted that many people like this brand because it does not have fillers, by-products and artificial additives.

  1. Outback Kangaroo Feast

This kangaroo dog food brand uses dehydrated raw meat. You can feed your dog with the food as-is or still choose to rehydrate it by combining with some little warm water. If your dog does not like cold food, this food will be good especially when hydrated with warm water. Other ingredients used in the list include carrots, potatoes, tapioca, sunflower seeds, canola oil, spinach and apples.

  1. Nature’s Gift Kangaroo Fillet Dog Food

This gourmet is hypoallergenic formulated for dogs that prefer wet food. if your dog does not like dry food, you will find this option to be a great treat for your dog or for rotation with dry dog food. it is ideal especially if your dog has any allergies. It has other ingredients such as Krill Oil (offering essential Omega 3, 6 and antioxidants), calcium, Gelling agents, vitamins C, B1, B3, B6, E, D12 and D3, Taurine and folic acid.

The different kangaroo dog food brands are formulated using wild kangaroo meat as the sole source of protein plus they do not contain additives thus making them suitable for any dog. You should check other ingredients used to manufacture the foods in order to decide whether they are suitable for your dog.